Look Like A Business: Employee Onboarding Policy Template Package


Over 240 pages of policy and examples available to prepare your business to scale your business and hire staff.

Building your strong business foundation- We all know a house on a weak foundation will soon crumble.  It may not be today or tomorrow but eventually it will. I want to ensure you have a strong foundation for your business to ensure you can thrive and not just survive. This step includes making sure you have the proper documentation and contracts, making sure your clients can reach you and have a place to do as well as setting you up to scale and hire staff.
Employee Policy Handbook- 55 pages
Performance Management - 19 pages
Work Attendance, PTO and Vacation- 76 pages
Employee Benefits & Perks- 25 pages
Compensation & Professional Development Handbook- 25 pages
Employee Resignation and Termination- 34 pages
Agreements- 9 pages


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