Coming Soon: Teen Entrepreneur Course


Ages 12-18 only

Why teach kids to be entrepreneurs?

We can teach them to build their own dreams or someone will hire them to build theirs.

Below are 8 reasons to teach children to be entrpreneurs.

1. Show them the value of sweat

2. Teach them leadership skills

3. Teach them decision making skills

4. Teach them the hard stuff (being your own boss does not mean, trips and beaches)

5. Teach them how money works and how to manage that money

6. Teach them to follow their passion and that their ideas are valuable

7. Teach them to set goals and create a plan to reach that goal.

8. Life Skills (Communication, Service, Presentation, Time-Management, Organization, etc.)

Anyone can be an entrepreneur. Age is literally just a number. Our Children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way (yes, that is Whitney H. but it very true, lol)

This course also includes live calls and think tanks amongst other teens.

Once purchased you will have lifetime access to the course to review or use for additional businesses.


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